Melons and Cuties specializes in lactation and helping moms qualify for a FREE Breastpump through insurance. To get the process started, please fill out the form below and a specialist will begin to process it. You can text 940-222-3969 for phone assistance. Prescriptions may be faxed to 1-940-263-1539, if you would like to expedite the process. Please text us to let us know that it has been faxed.  Upgrades are available in many cases.


TRICARE** Spectra 1 Battery option now offered at no upgrade fee. One resupply kit will also be covered after the birth. Please check your email for information on signing up for resupplies. You may also receive a phone call.

Medicaid/Superior/BCBS FED/UMR not currently accepted. Please read to bottom for important information. We do accept most other BCBS plans.


Pump options that are usually NO CHARGE: Spectra 2, Medela Pump in Style, Motif DUO or LUNA, Spectra s9

Pumps that are available with an UPGRADE FEE: Spectra 1 (except Tricare, no charge), Spectra Synergy, Medela FLEX, FREEMIE, ELVIE

*Subject to your insurance approval and costs

I authorize Melons and Cuties to contact me via Phone, Email and SMS. Melons and Cuties will not share or distribute this information for any purpose other than claim and pump distribution. I also agree to Melons and Cuties Terms of Service.

We can obtain a prescription from your doctor for you. If you have one already, you can upload it here and expedite your claim. If not, we will retrieve for you. After uploading, be sure to click SUBMIT below so this form will be sent to us.

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